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Receive Your bizSAFE Level 3 / STAR Certification
We provide comprehensive risk assessment and safe work procedures
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Acra Profile

& WSH consultants will review on your work activities.




Create a Safer & Healthier Work Environment for all Employees

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Receive a bizSAFE Certificate for Each Level You Attain

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Step 1

Preparation of your organization’s Risk Management Plan
Version 2.0 with SGSecure Contents

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Step 2

Our Safety Officer will conduct an on- site briefing for your
Risk Management team. MOM Approved Auditor will audit
the risk-management implementation.

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Step 3

Assist in bizSAFE Level 3 application submission to the
Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC)

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J-Star Safety Consultancy is a Consulting, Training & Outsourcing company based in Singapore. We have a team of proficient quality and safety consultants experienced in conducting quality and safety training as well as preparing organisations for certifications to the various management system standards. We are dedicated to provide Workplace Safety & Health, Environmental and Quality services to various industries.


We have helped more than 300 companies from 50 different industries to get their bizSAFE certification / bizSAFE renewal swiftly.

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